Whats on this month?


Come Down this month and learn how aquaponic systems work, from controlling water PH, to how to build your own NFT’s. Learn about some of the organism’s at play and how they transfer ammonia from fish waste to plant available nutrients. All while being about to be involved in the build out, so you can make your own aquaponic system at home while having the scientific understanding of whats at play in your system.

Whats it all about?

The People’s Garden is a project undertaken to develop an education in permaculture for the community and create a garden area for social, ecological, environmental and food source sustainability. We want to bring together people of like minds to network in a spirit of community while creating a community asset for all people to utilise.

David Lewis teaching a class about Vermiculture

David Lewis teaching a class about Vermiculture

How it Works

Participants are involved in creating the garden under supervised expertise provided by Smartsoil. Experiential learning is applied by involving students in actually doing parts of the tasks, thus helping them learn while building a garden which can be used by the community

Photographs from one of our fruit trees in the orchid

The Classes

Classes, ran each Thursday from 5-7, are facilitated by Smartsoil Co Founder David Lewis. Each week sees the installation of garden elements along with subsequent education about soil biology, the importance of the soil food web, permaculture principles, functional health and and array of other holistic management techniques to ensure a healthy garden inside and out.


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