we are building The worlds first “Holistic Regenerative education curriculum”

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What is smartsoil.edu

SmartSoil.EDU is an online education platform being built for users to obtain a general understanding of soil biology and the crucial role it plays within healthy ecosystem function. We are genuinely excited to be bringing you leading industry experts right onto your device, with Click through Courses, Interactive activities and Long form media presentations from the likes of Dr Mary Cole and other Regenerative teachers and practitioners all accessible from anywhere.


Smartsoil.EDU Facilitates a wide range of educational events aimed at growing industry knowledge around regenerative methods & connecting farmers with Global industry leaders in domains such as ; Soil Biology, Agronomy, AG Tech, Biomimicry, Mycology, Plant Pathology, and Regenerative agriculture to name a few.

“Regenerative curriculum” pilot program at The Peoples place busselton, WA

We run a regenerative community curriculum focused on educating members of community and local landholders about regenerative methods they can deploy into their lives and their enterprises. We will be taking registrations soon so please get in contact if you are interested in enrolling into this years units. The 5 learning blocks will be delivered over 24 weeks every Thursday for two hours at the People Place Busselton. Everyone is welcome to come learn about the importance of living regeneratively, and to join in on the conversation about the impact modern day agriculture is having on our pristine South West environment, our human biomes and more importantly to empower themselves with a solution.