What is Soil Testing

Soil testing is the first and foremost important step in finding out the current status of your soil health. By discovering what exists in your soil on a microbial and chemical level, we can uncover deficiencies in your system and tailor a specific input program to get your soils back into balance.

WHy soil test?

By getting these baseline tests done it allows land users to identify whether their soil health is improving or declining over time. It will also allow land users to make more informed input decisions based around managing their soil biology better. Future farming is based around good data, by working with Smartsoil you will be investing in the longevity & prosperity of your enterprise.

How We Do It

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  1. Either the farm hand will take core samples if they are familiar with Smartsoil protocols, or alternatively a Smartsoil consultant will travel to site & collect all the required samples.

2. Samples to be express posted to our laboratory to be tested

3. 10-12 days later you will receive your soil data back with an integrated biological plan

4. Smartsoil will give any necessary follow up support into the future


Want to take your own samples?

Taking a soil core isn’t hard, and once you have contacted us, we can set you up with everything you need to process the sample and get your data back. If you’re ready to take a test but not sure how, we have created a step by step process that is easy to follow;