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Using biological information to revolutionise agriculture.

We believe that by bringing the biological emphasis back into food production via educational programs and grower resources, we can mitigate many of the environmental, social and global health issues we are facing today.

Incorrect land management techniques and the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides have decimated the worlds arable soils and natural forrest systems, we have put 1 Trillion tons of Carbon in our atmosphere since the industrial revolution. This is leading to changes in the atmosphere and driving climate change.

The only known way to store carbon for prolonged periods of time is in soil organic matter through photosynthesis. This makes Farmers the number one solution for climate change, as they manage the majority of these complex systems, while feeding us the food we need to thrive.

We are building the worlds first holistic regenerative curriculum, educating the next generation of food producers, and bringing transparency and integrity back into food production.